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Title: UPDATED - FACE Data Model Governance Plan Edition 2.1
Version: 2.1
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The FACE Data Model Governance Plan has been approved, cleared for public release and is posted publicly to download for your reference.  


An updated version of FACE Shared Data Model Governance Plan, Edition 2.1 had been re-posted for your reference.  Minor changes include:    

  • CR83 updated the following sections of the FACE Data Model Governance Plan to revise the Logical Data Model elements that must be added to the Shared Data Model (SDM). ValueTypeUnits only have to be added to the SDM if they are components of a MeasurementSystem.This CR will also address the concerns raised in CR105.  
    • Section 5.2 paragraph 2
    • Section 6.1, paragraph 2
    • Section B.1
  • Additional Grammar and clarification 
    • Change MOF to EMOF in section 2.1.1, Section 7 paragraph 1, and in the Acronyms list 
    • Change basis elements to Basis Elements in Section 7, paragraph 3
    • Add clarification to PR/CR Process info in section 6.1
Two additional Steering Committee CRs were recently added: 
  • 9/25/15 - TWG Standards Subcommittee requested clarification to indicate the SDM CCB process is internal to the PR/CR process used to process change requests to all published FACE work products
    • Added additional clarification to PR/CR Process info in section 6.1
  • 9/30/15 - Steering Committee passed a motion to support continued data model alignment activity and appoint a representative from a collaborating standards organization (as appropriate) to be a voting member on the FACE SDM Configuration Control Board (CCB) 
    • Added new verbiage to section 4.1 







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